Who are the parents of Sibilla Stratton?

Daniel Hall Bartholomew (myself – living)

my father – Daniel Ray Bartholomew (living)

his father – Calvin Henry Bartholomew (1917-1991)

his father – Ray Calvin Bartholomew (1888-1977)

his father – Joseph Bartholomew, Jr. (1850-1912)

his father – Joseph Bartholomew Sr. (1820-1901)

his father – John Bartholomew (1792-1827)

his father – General Joseph Bartholomew (1766-1840)

his father – Daniel Bartholomew (1708-1777)

his mother – Dorothy Endt (1711-1798)

her mother – Sibilla Stratton (1685-1793)

Question: who are the parents of Sibilla Stratton?

We have information that Sibilla Stratton was born in Pennsylvania in 1685 and died in Pennsylvania in 1793.


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