Phish – Dinner and a Movie

This is a great live jam from Phish. I get a kick out of how the only lyric repeated throughout the song is “Let’s go out for dinner and see a movie.” Fun stuff.


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As an artist, Gumroad looks like it could be a potentially useful site, as it creates an easy and efficient way to display and sell image downloads.

You can find my images here:


Jetpack plugin for WordPress

This Jetpack plugin looks like a very nice development for people with self-hosted WordPress blogs.


BibleMap.org looks like it could be a handy site for people who want to know where Biblical events were geographically located.

Jimmer Fredette

I’ve been really enjoying Jimmer Fredette’s play for BYU.

It’s fun to see the BYU basketball team doing so well and I hope they continue to have a lot of success during the upcoming March Madness.

Tracy Line information

Lieutenant Thomas Tracy (1610?-7 November 1685) – note: the name of his wife who was the mother of Jonathan Tracy is currently unknown

Jonathan Tracy (1646-1704) – Mary Griswold

David Tracy (1687-1709) – Sarah Parish

David Tracy (1721-1770) – Abial Baker

Solomon Tracy (1758-1849) – Lucretia Hall

Caleb Tracy (1786-1870) – Susannah Colvin

Moses Tracy (1810-1858) – Nancy Naomi Alexander Tracy

Notes – we are currently interested in finding out the name of the woman Lieutenant Thomas Tracy married. Also, any information about Lieutenant Thomas Tracy’s direct forebears (and the dates and any other data associated with their lives) would also be of great interest.


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